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Create Your Brand Persona

Today we’re talking all about your audience, and why it’s absolutely crucial that you know who they are! As I mentioned in my last blog post, it’s key that you make your brand irreplaceable, and you do that by knowing exactly who you are. But once you’ve got that down, what’s next? That’s where knowing […]

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Brand Strategy - Make Yourself Irreplaceable

How to Make Your Brand Irreplaceable

Who’s excited?! This month we’re talking all about brand strategy! All the blogs and my weekly emails are going to help you establish a solid strategy to launch your business into success! I’m going to be sharing extra tips & tricks only with my email list – so make sure you’re subscribed! Get on the list and you’ll get my […]

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Balancing Life's Demands with a Positive Mindset

Balancing Life’s Demands with a Positive Mindset

We all know the amount of work and stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur these days. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, balancing the demands of entrepreneur life, social life, and a relationship is no joke!  This can definitely take a toll on your health and your relationships – including the one you […]

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Erin Sousa - Brand and Website Design – Danielle Connor

Erin Sousa’s Brand & Website Launch

You know those full circle moments that make you appreciate how far you’ve come in your business? That’s what this project was for me! If you had have told me nearly three years ago, when I was sitting in Erin’s marketing workshop, that I would one day work with her to rebrand and create her new […]

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Building Your Brand - Creating Touchpoints

Building Your Brand: Part 4 | 10 Touch Points to Up-Level Your Brand

Here we are – the last and final post in my four-part Building Your Brand series! If you missed the first three, be sure to check them out! Here they are again: Part 1: Branding Mistakes You’re Making Part 2: Establishing a Solid Foundation Part 3: Why You Need a Strong Visual Identity In this […]

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Danielle Connor - Building Your Brand: Visual Identity

Building Your Brand: Part 3 | Why You Need a Strong Visual Identity

Once you have your solid foundation established (if you haven’t read part two of this series, you can check it out here!), you’re ready to create your visual identity!  Your visual identity is your brand spirit and personality, mood board, colours, fonts, and logos. This is what I create for my clients in their brand guide […]

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Establishing a Solid Brand Foundation

Building Your Brand: Part 2 | Establishing a Solid Foundation

Establishing a solid foundation for your brand and business is the first step. Always. This is what everything else is going to build off of, so if you don’t have a solid foundation, you’re going to set yourself up for failure from the get-go. And obviously we don’t want that, we want to set you […]

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Building Your Brand: Part 1 | 5 Branding Mistakes You’re Making

I hope you’re having a fantastic summer so far! Are you feeling inspired for what’s to come in the second half of 2019?! I know I am! I’ve been working to set myself up for a successful next six months – and if you’re looking to do the same, your branding is going play a […]

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Foolproof Font Picking Tips - Danielle Connor

Foolproof Font Picking Tips

I know that picking fonts for your brand and marketing materials can be tricky! How do you pick fonts that complement one another, but don’t overpower or compete with each other? I love this part of the branding process, working with my clients to choose fonts that bring to life their brand identity, and showcase […]

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Italian Riviera Travel Guide - Danielle Connor

Italian Riviera Travel Guide

Our trip to Europe last summer truly was the trip of a lifetime! It had been twelve years since I’d been there (I had just finished grade seven last time I was in Europe), and Guido and I had never been together! We decided to explore the Italian Riviera, and it was nothing short of […]

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