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Three Reasons Websites Are Non-Negotiable

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Your website is the most important marketing tool for your business. No if’s and’s or but’s. It’s your digital home, where you invite your audience in, where your business happens, and where you create the know, like, and trust factor! 

This month on the blog (and weekly in your inbox – I’m sending out special bonuses to my email list!), we’re going to be focusing on websites. I’m going to be breaking them down for you and sharing tips and tricks as you build your own website or update your existing site! 

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Today we’re talking about the top three reasons why website are non-negotiable, and how to use these to up-level your business with a successful website! 

#1 – You have complete control over your website 

Any social media platform could shut down tomorrow and you’d lose your entire audience and followers. If you haven’t been encouraging them to visit your website, how do they even know it exists? 

Your website (and email list) are something that you have control over, you “own” your website, whereas you are “renting” space on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest.  Your website is entirely your own, which is a pretty awesome thing! 

Up-Leveling Tip: Make sure you’re using your website strategically by updating it with new content (eg. blog posts), creating engaging sales pages, and a fun about page! 

#2 – It’s where all your brand elements come together 

You have a gorgeous brand identity with a mood board, colours, fonts, logos (and if you don’t yet – be sure to check out my most recent blog post Your Branding Roadmap to get started), and your website is where you’re going to use all these elements to bring your brand to life! 

It’s where your audience is going to get a concrete sense of you and your business, and your brand identity plays a HUGE role in that. If you have a website that doesn’t reflect who you are, doesn’t connect with your audience, or stand out from your competitors – you’re going to set yourself up for a long and hard road ahead. 

Up-Leveling Tip: Get a professional brand photos! Once you have your visual identity (mood board, colours, fonts, logos), schedule a photoshoot with a photographer that aligns with your style and get some great photos taken! This doesn’t have to be expensive, but I will say that it’s worth every penny and will make the biggest difference in having a beautiful, successful website!  

#3 – Relationships are everything – and your website is a platform to build those with your audience! 

I’ll say this again and again, your business is all about the relationships you build with your clients and customers! You need to cultivate and nourish those relationships and build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience. 

Your website is a great platform for people to get to know you, connect with your business, and get excited about the products and services you offer – and purchase them too! Think about how you can strengthen these relationships with your audience as you’re building your website pages. 

Up-Leveling Tip: If you still don’t know who your audience is, make sure to snag my Free Brand Persona worksheet where you’ll be able to get crystal clear on who your audience is and how to communicate with them! 

Whether you already have a website or are just getting started, I hope these tips left you feeling confident and excited to work on your website! 

Websites don’t have to be intimidating, get excited about what an awesome tool a website can be to convert your audience into raving, loyal fans of your business! 

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