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You're one busy entrepreneur... but you are decidedly not a designer ;) 

🥴 1) Whip it up yourself: Spend your valuable work time tinkering with Canva graphics or updating your own web pages only to realize it looks less than stellar.

you have 2 choices:

And yet... almost every project on your list includes some kind of graphic design.

🤩 2) Book a VIP Day: Hand over your design tasks to me so I can do what I do best (make everything look gorgeous!) and you can focus on your own zone of genius.

Showit website edits

Update a sales page or launch graphics

Edit existing website pages

Design that killer slide deck for your webinar

Custom social media graphic templates

Design stellar marketing materials

Create a new high-converting landing page

Create your opt-in / freebie design

here's how IT works

Template customizations

Here are some example VIP Days:

In our booking call we'll get super clear on what your custom VIP Day will look like!

Add new sections, layout changes, page updates

Customize your À la Carte VIP Day!

Customize your
À la Carte VIP Day!

The VIP Day Process

We'll hop on a call when you book your VIP Day to walk through exactly what we're getting done, answer any questions, and make a list of any items I'll need from you.

Ta-daa! By the end of the day, we'll have crushed your VIP Day and you'll have your website updates, social graphics, or *insert design project* beautifully done for you!

Delivered by Cocktail Hour!

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Time to rock our VIP Day! You get to sit back, relax, and let me take the work off your plate! I'll work my magic for 4 hours, get your feedback as needed, and power through your design tasks!

Book your VIP Day today for $1,200.

yoUr design tasks made easy


I've hit the level in business where I want to throw money at people who are brilliant at solving the problem I have instead of investing all my time. I couldn’t believe how much Danielle got done in our VIP Day. It would have taken me many days, tears and glasses of wine… with subpar results. Danielle elevated everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

jenn green | marketing expert

Jenn green,
Marketing expert

Danielle’s expertise in design has been nothing short of transformative for our business. These VIP Days save me over 20+ hours a month, giving me more time to focus on other areas of my business. I no longer worry about “the details” of my marketing materials because Danielle has the details covered.

katie attard | operations expert

Katie attard,
operations expert

Danielle is a lifesaver! If you want to show up to the world as an intelligent, beautiful brand - Danielle’s VIP Days are a million times worth it. Just ask yourself how much your confidence, sanity, and ability to generate business is worth to you. Danielle will make your website dreams come true!

misty paterson | education coach

Misty paterson,
education coach

Clients are raving


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frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers

You’re an expert so you’ll get this; Ya know that saying about how people don’t just hire you, they hire your years of experience? That. I’ve been doing this a long time so I’m fast, without rushing. Plus, I will only commit to VIP Day projects that I’m confident we can complete.

How do I know exactly what my deliverables will be at the end of the VIP Day?

Yes! As a certified Showit Design Partner, I'm a die-hard Showit fan and it's my go-to for all my client websites. We only work on website updates/edits on Showit – we don't have to have designed them though! If you DIY'ed your site or bought a template and want some help with it, a VIP Day is the perfect fit!

Do you only do updates and/or new pages on Showit websites?

I ask my clients to be available via email during the 4 hours in case any questions arise or if there's something I'd like their  feedback/thoughts on. I understand everyone's days are busy though so a reply doesn't have to be instantaneous, I can move onto other things and circle back. This is also why we do a planning call ahead of time, so that I have everything I need to work as efficiently as possible!

Do I need to be available or involved during the VIP Day?

Nope! Whether you're just starting out and want some help customizing a template or creating Canva graphics; or are having a 5-figure launch and want to work on updating your sales page and launch materials – a VIP Day is for you!

Do I need to be at a certain level to do this?

That's totally fine! As long as you let me know at least a week in advance from your VIP Day, we can tweak what I'll be spending our time on. Alternatively, we can always book a second VIP Day or start you on a retainer for on-going design projects :)

What if I change my mind about how I want you to spend the day?

For sure! That said in our booking call, we'll get really clear on what's going to be accomplished. If I think there might be extra time, I'll let you know during that call so I have the necessary materials and can move right onto that *bonus* project on the day-of.

If you have extra time, can we add something?

After you submit the above form, I'll be in touch to book a call. We'll go over the design tasks for your VIP Day, and I'll let you know anything that I need from you. Usually these items are copy/content, login details, or a list of website edits you'd like made – basic things so that I can take the big design tasks right off your plate!

What happens after I book? What do I need to do to prepare?

With the VIP Days, unfortunately I do not offer payment plans. Payment is due in full to secure your spot in my project calendar.

Do you offer payment plans?

Because VIP Days are booked a few weeks in advance, and I have limited availability in my calendar, once you're booked in, we can't reschedule. 

What happens if I need to reschedule?

You sure can! I offer VIP Days where you get 4 hours with your designer bestie - and we can work on any of your design or website needs! Adding a new page, launching a new service, some minor design tweaks - we can do it all! My VIP Days are $1,000, and you can email me to find out more and book yours!

That said – Showit is such an easy platform to use, and we’ll do a thorough website training at the end of your project, so you’ll feel comfortable updating text and photos and making small tweaks across your site!

Won't the deliverables look rushed if we're doing it so fast?

You sure can! I offer discounts on VIP Day packages of 3 or more – let me know and we can chat more about booking monthly or bi-monthly VIP Days.

Can I book VIP Days on retainer?

Definitely! That's what the 4 hours are for – I can send you a version of a project early on, and you can provide thoughts/feedback as needed. As long as it fits within our VIP Day, we can definitely work collaboratively to incorporate your edits.

Do I get any edits on the projects you're working on?