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Designing your website just got easier

I’ve bottled over ten years of graphic design experience into four drop-dead gorgeous (ahem, if I do say so myself), user-friendly Showit website templates. Each one was professionally designed with you in mind, whether you’re a blogger, creative or service provider. Can I get an amen?

I get it: designing a website is like moving to France – if you don't speak the language, it isn't so easy. Lucky for you, I do.


If you’re the next Annie Leibovitz, Dahlia was made for your portfolio.

If creative expression is your fuel, Luna will allow your offerings to shine.

Serving clients like Beyoncé slays? Grace will sell like nobody’s business.

meet your templates



business | Fun | strategic


A template that’s as perfect for your blog as peanut butter is for jam.



I couldn’t believe how easy it was to customize my website and have it reflect my brand and personality perfectly. My website came to life in a way I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m now attracting my ideal clients and couples. I loved how I could bring my vision to life in a way that didn’t involve any coding or design experience! I would highly recommend Danielle’s templates for your website redesign.

Mackenzie Jane | Photographer

Working with Danielle’s templates was an absolute dream.


Why templates are where it’s at

Fear not, girl: These templates give you all the flexibility of a custom site without any of the coding (or banging your head against a wall).

Here’s the beauty: You’re hiring a professional designer without actually hiring a professional designer, saving you the big bucks on your site.

A template is just a starting point: You can customize these bad boys with your brand colours, photos and words to make it your dream site!

zero coding

no $$$ designer


Here’s the beauty:
You’re hiring a professional designer without actually hiring
a professional designer, saving you the big
bucks on your site.


Whether you’re a photographer, videographer or designer, Dahlia is your best gal pal: A template to showcase your work, like an editorial in the glossy pages of Vogue. Bold and bright out of the box, you can customize her to any aesthetic.


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(investment: $797)


Whether you’re teaching handstands, customizing insta-strategies, or coaching solopreneurs, Luna helps you embody your highest self and speak straight to your dream clients’ hearts. A neutral canvas with depth, Luna let’s your creative side run wild and free.

business | creative | magnetic

(investment: $797)


If you’re running an online business, Grace will get prospective clients on your email list and sell your services faster than you can finish that double-shot iced Americano. Serious only about business, you can play Grace’s personality up or down.


(investment: $797)


Want to make a splash in the blogging pool? Put on your suit and pour yourself a glass of Rosé because this template was designed to feature your posts front and centre. Feminine at first glance, Rosé is yours to customize to your brand.


(investment: $797)

Buy your favourite template or bundle it with my Blissfully Branded course and save!

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Check your email for instructions on activating the template in your Showit account.

Watch a tutorial or two to learn how to start customizing your dream website!



frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers

You’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking to DIY your brand and website, look no further than my Blissfully Branded + Website Template Bundle. It’s so important to establish a solid visual identity from the start – not just your logo, but your brand spirit, colours, fonts and beyond! These are the foundations of your brand, and you’ll learn everything you need to know inside Blissfully Branded. Bundled with a website template, you can apply your new brand to your website template for a consistent brand experience! You’ll also get access to my private Facebook group with live office hours to help support you through the entire process – I want to make this whole process easy and fun for you! Looking to hire me to do all of the above? Check out my custom services.

i’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, what exactly do i need?

1. Create an account with Showit, and sign up for a Basic Blog or an Advanced Blog.
2. Buy your favourite template or bundle it with my Blissfully Branded course and save!
3. Check your email for instructions on activating the template in your Showit account.
4. Watch a tutorial or two to learn how to start customizing your dream website!
5. Customize the colours, fonts and photos, and start adding your own copy.
6. Contact Showit to migrate any blog posts that are living on your old website.
7. Get Showit to launch your site, including all the tech details, like connecting your domain.
8. Celebrate your brand-spanking new website, girl! You are a boss!

how do i create my website with this template?

Showit is, hands down, the best of the best in online website design platforms. It’s powered by Wordpress, which is the most popular content management system online. With virtually no design limitations, Showit gives you the freedom of a custom design and build—without any of the custom coding. That’s right, babe. Code free.

what is showit? is it easy to use?

Hosting is included with your Showit subscription, which you’ll purchase here, separately from your gorgeous new template. You’ll keep your domain wherever it currently is (for example, GoDaddy), and Showit will actually connect it for you when you’re done customizing your new template!

is hosting included? what about my domain?

With Wordpress! Drag and drop to your heart’s content in Showit while your website is automatically built behind the scenes in Wordpress. And if your blog was built in Wordpress, just transfer it in a few clicks!

how does blogging work on showit?

They sure are! Getting found on Google isn’t simple, but Showit makes it easy with SEO tools. You get the power and reliability of Wordpress with the ease of use and design prowess of Showit. There are tools within Showit to set your page titles, keywords, meta descriptions, and the Yoast SEO plugin in the Wordpress backend for all your blogging needs!

are showit templates seo friendly?

SUPER customizable! You’re not strapped to the template style or layout, pinky promise. You can change colours, fonts, photos, add new sections or delete sections you don’t need to make it your own. Swap out background colours and, of course, add in that logo of yours before you click publish! Simple as apple pie 🥧

how customizable is my new template?

Showit may not be the best fit if you’re building an e-commerce site with dozens of products. But if you’re selling a handful of digital products? Showit will manage them like a boss.

can i create an e-commerce shop?

The photos in each template aren’t included, but you’d want to swap those out anyways! Photos bring your brand spirit and logo to life with real-life humans. Don’t know where to start with photos? Hire my girl Alyssa Dawson to shoot on-brand photos for your business! 📸

do i get to use the photos included?

Yes, and I recommend it! With a couple of clicks, you can swap out all of the colours and fonts for your brand’s. And if you don’t have a brand yet, you can bundle your template with my Blissfully Branded course 🙃

can i use my own fonts and colours?

I’ve bottled over five years of graphic design experience into these drop-dead gorgeous, user-friendly Showit website templates. Each one was professionally designed with you in mind, and the price reflects that custom-level design (but without the price tag of a totally custom site which runs upwards of $7,500).

why are your templates in a higher price range?

I want you to be able to have the website of your dreams! And if all that’s standing in the way of that is a payment plan, send me an email at and we’ll get you on your way to that gorgeous site!

do you offer payment plans?

If you don’t want to DIY, I offer a Brand + Semi-Custom Website package. We’ll design a custom brand, then apply your new brand to one of my website templates, saving you a pretty penny. Get all the details here!

can you help me customize my website?

We all get by with a little help from our friends, and Showit’s customer service team is next level. You’ll also find video tutorials on how to use Showit, customize your individual template, and get rockin and rollin’!

what kind of support or tutorials are there?

Showit! They’ll migrate your old website and blog posts from Wordpress or Squarespace for FREE. They make it oh-so-easy with step-by-step instructions on how to request your transfer.

who transfers over my old website/blog?

First, you’re going to need a strong brand (a mood board, fonts, colours, logos)—don’t have that yet? Grab my Blissfully Branded course where I’ll show you how to create yours! 
Second, you’ll need all the photos and copy (that’s web lingo for “text”) for your website. Looking for a brand photographer? Hire my girl Alyssa Dawson! Looking for a copywriter? Gemini Branding wrote all my copy for this site! I can’t stress the importance of quality photos and copy across a website. Photos will make or break your website, regardless of how strategically and beautifully designed your template may be. 
Third, you’ll need a few of the nitty-gritty elements. You’ll want to make sure you have a Showit subscription (which you can snag here). While there’s no need to worry about hosting (that’s included with your Showit subscription!), you will need a domain name. I recommend purchasing that through GoDaddy, and Showit will connect it to your new website for you!

what other things am i going to need to go along with my website?

Looking for extra help with your template?

your design tasks made easy
My VIP day is for you! For 4 hours and $1,000, we can work on all your creative needs, here are a few examples:
  • Branding updates (fonts, colours)
  • Customizing your Showit template
  • Showit website edits
  • Sales page design
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media graphics
Save your time and money and let's cross those design to-do's off your list! 

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