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Your Branding Roadmap - Danielle Connor

Your Branding Roadmap

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Ever think to yourself that if you just had a step-by-step guide to get started, how much easier creating your brand would be?!  

If so, you’re in luck!  

Over the last few months, I’ve shared some great tactical advice, breaking down the most important steps in getting started creating your brand and today, I’m sharing a bird’s-eye-view Branding Roadmap with you!  

1 – Research & Strategy 

Establishing a solid foundation for your brand and business is the first step. Always. This is what everything else is going to build off of, so if you don’t have a solid foundation, you’re going to set yourself up for failure from the get-go. And obviously we don’t want that, we want to set you up for success!  

You can have the most “beautiful” brand in the world, but if it doesn’t speak to your ideal audience, your business isn’t going to succeed. Because how could it, if your brand doesn’t connect with your clients or customers? You’re not going to get their attention, and aren’t going to have the chance to start building relationships and turn them into excited customers and clients. 

In order to have a successful brand, you need to know who you are, who your audience is, who your competitors are (I talk more in-depth about competitors on my How to Stand out Amongst Your Competitors blog post), and what you’re envisioning.  

Bonus tip: When thinking about your audience, get specific. What is your audience like? What are their desires, fears, core values? 

Head over to Establishing a Solid Foundation for the breakdown of the four different areas of your brand and business’ foundation that you need to establish from the get-go! 

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2 – Brand Identity 

Once you have your solid foundation established, you’re ready to create your visual identity!  

Your visual identity is your brand spirit and personality, mood board, colours, fonts, and logos. This is what I create for my clients in their brand guide – which encompasses all of the above, and is a great brand tool that we then use to create their website and marketing materials.  

Having a strong visual identity is going to help you make sure your brand is consistent and cohesive across all of your touch points. 

Bonus tip: Different fonts are going to connect with people in different ways, so be intentional when choosing fonts for your brand. Understand the style, look, emotions, and make sure it aligns with your visual identity. 

Want the breakdown on establishing your brand identity?

Check out Why You Need a Strong Visual Identity

3 – Website & Marketing Materials 

A touch point is any point where your audience comes in contact with your brand or business. It’s an opportunity to connect with them and build trust, all the while up-leveling your brand. Your website & marketing materials are incredibly important touch points!  

Your website is hands down, THE most important touch point in your business because this is where your audience should always end up. Other important touch points are graphics, copy, and print materials, to name only a few.  

Erin Sousa’s website that we recently launched – check it out here!

Bonus tip: Every one of your touch points should speak with one distinctive brand voice. Someone should be able to look at any one touch point and know instantly that it’s your brand and business – that’s the mark of a successful brand! 

I unpack the 10 Touch Points to Uplevel Your Brand in one of my favorite blog posts to date. Check it out!  

There you have it! I hope this roadmap of my most tactical, action-step-filled blog posts has been valuable in helping you get started creating your dream brand!  

I would love to hear if you’ve had any “aha!” moments or made any breakthroughs in your brand! Questions? Leave them in the comments below.