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Codi Lynn - Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Codi Lynn’s Brand & Website Launch

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I’m so excited to announce that I recently had not one, but TWO client brand and websites launch! And today, I want to share one of them with you – the lovely Codi Lynn who runs her blog, Creative Wife and Joyful Worker, and just launched a podcast, The Creatives Podcast!

Guess who was her second podcast guest?! More on that later, but you can listen in here! 😉

Codi reached out to me earlier this year because she felt that her existing brand and website didn’t speak to who she was, and wasn’t connecting with her audience like she knew it could. 

Fun fact – Codi was actually a graphic designer a while back, but knew that it wasn’t worth her time to undertake this project herself, and when we connected at a networking event, she knew I was the one to help her bring her vision to life! 

I had so much fun working with Codi and couldn’t be more thrilled with how this project turned out! Keep reading for some before/after’s, my favourite website design elements, and what we chatted about on her podcast! 

Codi’s Brand & Website Goals: 

  • Codi wanted a place to share her passion for connection and encouragement, to make people feel worthy, capable, and important. She wanted an online home to connect with her fellow mothers, share knowledge with creative entrepreneurs, and encourage people to explore the world.
  • We wanted to create a brand that felt authentic, meaningful, adventurous, connected, and friendly. These five words made up Codi’s brand spirit.
  • Our goal was to create a brand and website that set Codi up for success as she continues to grow her blog and launches her new podcast. We wanted a cohesive visual identity that connected her platforms and spoke to her audience, whether she was sharing a graphic on her Instagram story, or sharing a new blog post on her website.
Codi Lynn Mood Board

Codi’s Brand + Logo

Codi’s audience is mainly mothers, as she’s a lifestyle motherhood blogger herself, and she loves to share real moments and her favourite places. Codi’s audience is friendly, curious, adventurous and creative, so that’s where we started when creating her mood board, colours, fonts, and brand elements.

We wanted soft, earthy colours that still felt feminine, complimented Codi’s existing photography style, and had a subtle West Coast vibe since Codi’s audience is mainly in British Columbia.

I absolutely love how everything came together, from the subtle blush pinks, to the botanical floral elements layered throughout, to the fonts and Codi’s logo!

Codi’s Website

This was my second website on Showit, and I absolutely freaking love this platform! (Insider secret: I’m working on creating website templates for you to create your own beautiful site on Showit – so stay tuned!). I love that we were able to play with all these overlapping elements on Codi’s site! 

The main goals of Codi’s website were to share her blog posts, new podcast episodes, and highlight how brands and clients can work with her. 

We made sure her website’s homepage had clear, defined sections that helped users navigate the site, and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for, while also getting them excited about new content they maybe hadn’t seen yet. 

Throughout Codi’s website, users can easily get from one section to another, keeping them moving throughout the site and never feeling like they’ve reached a “dead end”. Whether it’s reading a new blog post, or listening to the latest podcast, the website is designed to engage readers and draw their attention to Codi’s amazing content! 

The Before:
Codi Lynn Old Website
The After:

A few of my favourite design elements across the site: 

1. The overlapping floral elements!

I love that Showit lets me design to my heart’s content, and with Codi’s site that meant being able to overlap thin boxes, lines, and floral elements. It created a website that has depth, is unique, and so much fun to explore and look at!

2. Codi’s About Page Quiz

We had some fun creating a little quiz on her about page. We were inspired by the classic Cosmo quizzes, and used Codi’s actual handwriting to answer each question! 

3. Podcast Page

I love the overall design of this page! It’s a fun, creative way to share the latest episodes (don’t miss episode number two! 😉 ), get people to sign up for her email list, and explore the podcast topics! 

Codi Lynn - New Website Homepage

I loved the process of rebranding with Danielle. I fully trusted her advice and input while knowing that she listened to and incorporated my own visions and desires. We recently relaunched my blog and podcast branding and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks Danielle!

– Codi Lynn, Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Codi Lynn - Website Podcast Page

Codi’s Marketing Materials 

As we near the end of a project, I create marketing materials for my clients to use across their brand platforms. Think email signatures, media kits, social media graphic templates, email newsletter templates.

We’ve created a beautiful brand and website, and we want to make sure that this beautiful, new brand is showcased in every way possible! 

I talk about this in many of my other blog posts, but it’s so important to create that know, like, and trust factor. And if you launch a gorgeous new brand and website, but then post an un-branded social media graphic or send out an email newsletter that looks nothing like your new brand, you’re going to lose that trust – or have a hard time building it. 

I had tons of fun creating Codi’s marketing materials, and here are her Instagram graphics for her to share new blog posts and podcast episodes! 

The Creatives Podcast 

Last, but certainly not least! I had the absolute pleasure of being Codi’s guest on her second podcast episode! I shared 5 ways to make your brand stand out, and we talked about your visual identity, building relationships, using mood boards, just to name a few! 

Be sure to have a listen here! So many great branding tips and tricks you can implement right away! 

Hope you love Codi’s new brand and website as much as I do! I’d love to hear your favourite element in the comments below, let me know!