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Website Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs

Showit Website Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Being a creative entrepreneur can be exhausting! You have enough plates to juggle while managing your own business and keeping your clients happy, you don’t have time to design your own website on top of everything – I get it! That is why website templates are SO great for creative entrepreneurs! They are SUPER SIMPLE to use and are 100% customizable. Just plug and play – let those creative juices flow!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to DIYing your own website, and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place, my Showit website templates for creative entrepreneurs will help you save time while you launch your dream website!

How to Get Started with Website Templates?

First things first, you’ll have to pick which website platform is right for you. Not all website platforms have the same features so I highly recommend you do your research! Also, not all website templates are designed for creative entrepreneurs. For starters – check out this blog post on how to pick the right website platform for you.

My website templates are all designed for Showit – for good reason! – I am OBSESSED with Showit and I think you will be too!

Why Showit for Your Website Template?

Showit (in my humble opinion) is hands down the best website platform out there for creative entrepreneurs! It’s powered by WordPress, which is the most popular content management system online. With virtually no design limitations, Showit gives you the freedom of a custom-designed and custom-built website without any of the custom coding. You heard me, it’s code free!

Showit also lets you create a gorgeous mobile-friendly website that you get to edit side-by-side next to your desktop site design to create the best user experience for your audience! All my website templates come with beautiful mobile designs that are ready for you to start customizing and making your own.

As a creative entrepreneur I’m sure you’ll love the drag-and-drop functionality as much as I do! You get to make your Showit website template a 100% unique design to you and your brand. Along with the customizable functions of Showit you can set up a blog and host your blog with WordPress through your Showit website template.

Why Website Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs? 

I’m sure by now it’s no surprise that I’m on team website templates! Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for custom-designed websites (if a custom-designed website or a semi-custom website sounds more up your alley, check out my custom services here), but not all creative entrepreneurs and small business owners have the opportunity to design their dream website from the ground up – and sometimes nor do they need to!

That is why I’m sharing with you three reasons why website templates are great for creative entrepreneurs!

  1. No additional designer costs
    • You’re hiring a professional designer without actually hiring a professional designer, saving you the big bucks on your site.
  2. No coding
    • These templates give you all the flexibility of a custom site without any of the coding (or banging your head against a wall).
  3. Completely customizable
    • You can customize these bad boys with your brand colours, photos and words to make it your dream site!

I bet by now you’re just as excited as I am about using a Showit template for your next website! Before you get started be sure to get crystal clear on your brand and visual identity! Check out this FREE Visual Identity Checklist I created for you, so you don’t miss a thing! It’s perfect for the creative entrepreneur just like you!

Visual Identity Checklist Freebie

Now what are you waiting for!? It’s THAT easy to create your dream website with a Showit website template as a creative entrepreneur! Share any questions you have below about using a template – I’d love to help you along the way!!