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Premium Showit Website Template - Danielle Connor

Before + After with a Showit Website Template


I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie from Sweetheart Events on her most recent website transformation. Stephanie took her old website and transformed it using my Grace Showit website template in under one week!

Not only is Stephanie a great friend of mine and is a crazy-talented Vancouver wedding planner, but she’s actually planning my wedding and is also my officiant!

Back in 2019, I worked with Stephanie for her website redesign project. We took it from an old website that she’d outgrown and no longer represented her business, gave her a brand refresh, and built her a new WordPress website.

The Before(s):

Some features that Stephanie loved about her old website included:

  • Simple and seamless layout
  • Eye-catching call-to-actions
  • Great for clients to experience the wedding planning journey (but not her full brand)

As beautiful as her WordPress website was, there were limiting features on her WordPress website that restricted her from easily making her own edits.

A few years after designing Stephanie’s WordPress site, I started to work with Showit websites and began developing my own Showit wesbtite templates. Stephanie started hearing how OBSESSED I was with the platform and she wanted to make the switch and move her website over from WordPress to Showit.

When working with Stephanie her main goal for moving from WordPress to Showit was to allow herself and her team more freedom. She wanted the freedom and flexibility to edit her website whenever. To make the switch Stephanie purchased my Grace Showit website template which is PERFECT for wedding planners, wedding photographers, and graphic designers (it’s really your go-to template for any service-based boss babe)!

Grace - Premium Showit Website Template (Danielle Connor)

With my Grace Showit website template, Stephanie took her out-dated WordPress site and turned it into a BRAND NEW Showit website for Sweetheart Events in UNDER ONE WEEK!

“In FIVE days of purchasing the template I was launching my new website on Showit. Quick, easy, and convenient, and now I finally have a platform that highlights my brand and the full experience.” – Stephanie, Sweetheart Events

The best part about Stephanie moving her website from WordPress to Showit is that when she has a new team member, has new photos that she wants to showcase, or wants to change out video banners, she can easily do all those (and so much more!) to her website all by herself! 

The After:

Website Design - Premium Showit Website Template

Since making the change to Showit, Stephanie can’t stop talking about how she loves:

Stephanie’s favourite features of her Grace Showit website template:

  • Photo & video quality on Showit 
  • Convenience of the drag and drop back-end 
  • Danielle’s instructional videos & support
Website Design - Premium Showit Website Template

Be sure to go check out Sweetheart Events‘s new website – Stephanie did such a great job at integrating her previous content and brand refresh into her new Showit website template in LESS than ONE WEEK!

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Let me know if you have any website or Showit questions below in the comments! I’d be happy to answer them!