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Introducing Luna: the newest Showit website template!

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I’m over the moon excited to introduce to you my newest Showit website template – Luna!

Luna is inspired by all you creative entrepreneurs! The ones offering unique services, that don’t feel like they fit in any kind of box, and want a website that speaks to that. You’re not afraid to show up fully and shine your light with the world!

This creative energy was the inspiration and the driving force behind bringing Luna to life! I was inspired by the idea of light, moonlight, feminine energy, and the name Luna (which means moon in Spanish, a language I speak fluently) was born!

What Makes the Luna Website Template Different?

One thing I love about Luna is that she marches to the beat of her own drum! Like most creative entrepreneurs, her individuality sets her apart. However, as unique as Luna is, she also keeps the important website design principles front and centre! So you can trust that you have a website that’s going to convert your dream clients!

Luna is the perfect Showit website template for you if you are looking to:

  • Highlight your creative services without any confusion
  • Sell with ease – her built-in sales page will help sell programs and courses without being salesy
  • Communicate your message far and wide – her blog is custom-curated to connect and build relationships
  • Showcase your work with all the sparkle it deserves!

What Makes Luna Stand Out?!

Luna will help you shine and show up authentically as the highest version of yourself! Like all of my Showit website templates, Luna is 100% customizable. With her neutral style, this website template feels even more like a blank canvas, where you can take her page structures and use them for whatever you can think of! From displaying your photography portfolio to showcasing trainings and workshops, the possibilities are endless!

For example, my yoga-teacher client and dear friend Crystal used Luna to design her new website! Crystal used the Portfolio page to showcase her yoga teacher trainings! 

Luna was designed with loads of personality! I designed this website template in a way that you can customize it to let your brand spirit shine! Incorporated throughout the template are unique features like Luna’s sparkles. Because I want you to be able to show up as your highest self, the full, sparkly, incredible self that you are! 

Don’t like the sparkles? No worries! Swap out the sparkles like Crystal did above with her own custom mandala graphics!  

Luna’s Best Features:

When I created Luna I wanted to ensure she covered all the basic design principles. You deserve a website template that works just as hard for your business as you do! Each of Luna’s pages has clear, intentional call-to-actions – you’ll never get to the bottom of a page and wonder what to do next. Luna’s design ensures that your ideal clients aren’t confused and that they’re always being guided to the next place on your website. She encourages them to keep moving throughout the site, and not leave right away. (A win-win for you and your dream clients!)

The Luna Showit website template has a simple and easy-to-navigate menu bar. With an additional navigation bar in the footer so people can get around the site regardless of where they are!

All of Luna’s pages have been designed strategically with a clear hierarchy. You no longer have to worry about looking at a website and feel overwhelmed about where to go and what to do! As a result, no one is going to feel overwhelmed looking at these pages because we’ve broken them down into manageable, intentional sections (each with clear call-to-actions).

One of my favourite features of the Luna Showit website template is her sales page! Luna’s sales page is designed to do more than just convert your courses and programs, it provides an in-depth space where you can promote your passions. 

Luna’s sales page will get your future students excited about your course! The sales page outlines your course, the different modules, has a spot to feature a video, and clear “buy now” buttons throughout. We want it to be easy for your students to purchase your program!

How to Pick Your Perfect Showit Website Template

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Luna, are you wondering which Showit website template is the best fit for you?

I know it can feel a little overwhelming with so many amazing website templates to choose from! That’s why I’ve broken down the website templates in my template shop with this handy dandy (if I do say so myself) comparison chart! No need to feel cross eyed any longer when comparing website templates!

Website Template Comparison Chart

Now that you know which Showit website template you are going to choose, it’s time to begin your website design project! Before starting your project, be sure you know the top 5 website design tips to a stellar website!

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