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How to Prepare For Your Brand Photoshoot

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We all know that saying “a photo is worth a thousand words”. So, it’s no surprise with the online presence businesses have these days, that your branding photos are worth a whole lot more! That’s why I want to help guide you on how to prepare for your brand photoshoot! I want you to feel confident and stand out with amazing brand photos that are going to speak to the quality of your work. You’ll start to connect with your dream clients through these photos and the thought and care you put into them. Brand photos matter!

By now you’ve probably heard me mention the importance your brand photos have on your brand touch points (need a refresher, check out this post on your brand touchpoints) so, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say your brand photos are one of the MOST important aspect of your brand. They can make or break your dream brand and website – and I’m here to help you MAKE the brand and website of your dreams!

You’ll need to make sure your photos are strong and speak to your brand spirit, and the best way to do this is through a brand photoshoot! Don’t know where to begin with a brand photoshoot and need some ideas? I’m here to help!

5 Ways to Prepare For Your Brand Photoshoot

1. Plan plan plan ahead!

Don’t just show up on the day of your brand photoshoot without a plan. Ideally, your photographer and you have looked at a mood board beforehand, have a good idea of the style of photos you’re looking for, what you’re going to be using them for, etc.

2. Create a must-have shot list.

Do you need computer mockups? Some flatlays? Photos of you in your office? Make a shot list! I always recommend getting a variety of photos during your brand photoshoot. You don’t want to have 10 photos of you smiling at the camera, you won’t be able to do much with them and it’s going to feel very repetitive on your website. As a potential client, I want to see what you do – this is another reason why 10 photos of you smiling into the camera isn’t ideal. Are you a graphic designer? Let’s see you at your computer, playing around with a mood board, holding different colour swatches! Are you a photographer? Let’s see you with your camera!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends to be in your brand photoshoot too. You still want to be the star but it’s fun to have some shots where you’re interacting with other people, especially if that’s a big part of your business!

Are you still feeling lost about how to prepare for a brand photoshoot and need some brand + website shoot ideas?

Grab a copy of my FREE Brand + Website Shot List where I share the top 10 photos you need for your brand and website! And be sure to share it with your photographer for your next brand photoshoot!

3. Details matter.

For this last brand photoshoot of mine, I did a LOT of prepwork. My mom made me the most incredible tulle skirt, I got curtains at Ikea to use as a background, I sourced a hot pink suit, I bedazzled my own Elle Woods Snap Cup! For previous brand photoshoots, I’ve printed tons of mood board images, painted colour palettes on small pieces of paper, and even borrowed a friend’s laptop because it was rose gold! 

Like anything, the more effort you put in, the more it shows and the better your photos will be. The more you and your photographer will have to work with!

Think of how you can best showcase not only what you do (like we talked about above), but your personality too! Do you love Disney? Bring your mouse ears! Got a collection of cute mugs? Let’s see a few! Love pink? Go crazy!

4. Don’t be afraid to show up fully as yourself.

Be authentic. I want your brand shoot to represent WHO you are. It’s been fun to see the progression of my brand photos. Not that my previous ones didn’t feel like “me” – because they do! – but these last ones felt unapologetically “Danielle”. Like this is who I am, hot pink power suit and tulle skirt, and I’m here to show up fully in my business! And that’s what I want for YOU! So you can connect with your ideal clients!

5. Be organized!

Remember that FREE brand photoshoot shot list I mentioned above? All the props you sourced? Make a Google doc with a list of everything. All the little to-do’s you need to do beforehand, props you want to bring, locations, ideal shots – it helps to have it all in one place!

What To Do Now

If you’re local to Vancouver (or anywhere really because Alyssa loves to travel!) – reach out to my girl, Alyssa Dawson, for your brand photos! She’s done all mine, as well as the demo photos for my templates, and many of my client’s brand photoshoots too!