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Danielle Connor - Anniversary

Four Years Later and a Whole Lot of Brand Evolution

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This month I celebrated my FOUR year business anniversary! (I know how crazy right!?) Four years ago I left my corporate job to take the leap into running my business full-time – best decision ever and I’ve never looked back! As I celebrate and reflect on the past, I wanted to share with you the evolution of my brand and look at where I started versus where I am now!

It’s wild to think that I just celebrated my FOUR year business anniversary! Four years ago, June 30th, 2017, was my last day working at a corporate office. Little did I know I was about to embark on the most exciting chapter of my life yet!

It’s been such a crazy, incredible ride! From getting to work with DREAM clients, to being able to take amazing mastermind trips with my business besties! Of course it hasn’t always been easy (there have been many, many late nights hah!), but I wouldn’t change a thing because it’s led me to where I am today! And thankfully to a place where I know how to practice a much better work-life balance! 😊

It’s a place where I feel confident showing up in my brand and business, and I am so incredibly passionate about helping other women (just like you!) feel the same!

So, join me as I share with you my entrepreneurial journey and the brand evolution of Danielle Connor – I promise you it’s a happy ending!

Back in 2017 where it all began…

So crazy to see these photos above and think that this is where it all started! But if we’re going WAY back, this is where it actually all started (circa 2000 when I would spend my entire afternoons making all the crafts and my creative journey was born!):

But in 2017 was where my entrepreneurial journey really began! I decided it was time to go out on my own and create a business that I loved and was excited about! My passion for working with female entrepreneurs led me along the way and I knew I wanted to help them make the biggest impact possible in their business!

For the last four years, I’ve believed wholeheartedly in what my dream clients are doing and have wanted to help them show up fully with a brand and website that helped them grow their thriving businesses and amplify their success!

The Evolution of a Brand

Just like trends change over the years, your brand is bound to as well! Especially for those of us who have personal brands, we grow as humans and change is inevitable. So it only makes sense that our brands will evolve with us too!

Day by day nothing feels different, but then when you look back suddenly you feel like a completely different person! That’s how I feel looking at these two photos side by side, and how brands evolve as well after many years.

One of my biggest pieces of advice is that you don’t want your brand to drastically change overnight. Because you’ve built relationships with your audience over time, and you want to keep that trust with them. If it is a bigger change, I would recommend announcing it to your audience so that they know what to expect. However, the majority of the time your brand evolution will be a natural progression of small little tweaks and edits that add up over time. Your brand grows alongside you – that’s what happened with me!

I went from a lifestyle blog, to a blog + design services, to more focused on websites, year after year – and here we are today! 

Once I was able to establish a strong visual identity for my brand (you can too check out how to here!) I got more clear on how I could best show up and serve my clients (that’s you!). As a result, my website changed and evolved over time too! And now it’s my digital pink home where I share all kinds of fun tips, tricks, resources, projects, and so much more!

Embrace Your Brand Evolution: It’s Time to Show Up Unapologetically

I’m not a timid person, but seeing little Danielle back in 2017 – I look so uncertain, about to embark on this new chapter of being a full-time entrepreneur! Now I look at my latest brand shoot and I can’t help but be proud of how far I’ve come! I honestly got emotional the other day looking at this, I have a really hard time celebrating the milestones in my life and business. I’m always looking at the next thing, focusing on the projects I have on the go and what’s coming up. So this really stopped me in my tracks and forced me to take a moment to enjoy this milestone!

It was also a reminder of how I’ve stepped into owning who I am – bubbly, girly, bold, fun, playful, and lover of all things pink! And I couldn’t be more passionate about making sure you all do the same – the world needs YOU! Exactly as who you are! People are craving real authenticity, and it’s your time to show up and shine your light with the world!

Trust me, the most magical things will happen when you do! You’ll be able to connect with your ideal clients on a deep level, you’ll be able to show up fully, and you’ll trust yourself knowing that you’re on the right path!

Now It’s Your Turn to Shine!

I want to help you show up fully in the business of your dreams! Whether you’re in your first year, or tenth year, every business deserves a brand that you’re proud of, and one that attracts your ideal clients! Grab a copy of my nine page branding blue print and get started on the brand of your dreams! Time to get clear on what’s in store for your brand – maybe it’s about to go through its own brand evolution!