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Balancing Life's Demands with a Positive Mindset

Balancing Life’s Demands with a Positive Mindset

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We all know the amount of work and stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur these days. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, balancing the demands of entrepreneur life, social life, and a relationship is no joke! 

This can definitely take a toll on your health and your relationships – including the one you have with yourself! 

Recently, I had the privilege of being featured as the very first guest on the LOVE Unplugged podcast. During my interview, I chatted with Jessica Frigon, hopeful romantic and founder of REVUE BLANC about how I manage to balance life’s demands while keeping a positive mindset. It was such a fun experience and my chat with Jessica was a blast!  

Balancing Life's Demands with a Positive Mindset

We chatted about how I left my corporate job to dive head-first into my dream career and how it was the best decision I ever made. From sidestepping the social media comparison game to my tips on running a business while nurturing a relationship, we covered it all. 

I first met Jessica for coffee last year to discuss her branding project for REVUE BLANC and the LOVE Unplugged podcast. We formed an instant connection and I just loved working with her so when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast, I jumped at the chance.

I can’t wait for you to learn more about us both and listen to the LOVE Unplugged podcast!  

2: Balancing Life’s Demands with A Positive Mindset

Fun Fact: My favorite food in the WORLD is carrot cake—hold the raisins! ???? Want a few more behind-the-scenes personal details? Jessica and I did a little post-podcast video interview featuring a few fun facts about me! Be sure to watch it!