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Five Best Hikes in North Vancouver

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I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING this gorgeous summer weather! I’ll take all the sunshine I can get! I absolutely love summer because it means spending more time outdoors and in nature. So I thought it would be fun to share my five favourite hikes in North Vancouver! 🙂

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been exploring the North Vancouver trails – I actually fell face first on a trail when I was about two and have a little scar under my nose to remind me of it! Guido and I are so lucky to still be in North Vancouver, and we have so many trails just a 10-20-minute drive from our apartment! We love to take Charlie out and hit the trails on the weekends. It’s such a nice way to start the day and spend time with each other!

When I was young, most of these spots were hidden gems. You could go on a gorgeous, sunny, weekend and there wouldn’t be that many people. Unfortunately today, they’ve become popular tourist destinations. And while I get it – they’re beautiful places, it kinda sucks! I guess we couldn’t keep these spots a secret forever! That being said, if you can, try and go outside of peak hours. Go on a weekday morning, or really early on a weekend. Set your alarm, and get out there! Then you can go for a nice brunch, and have an afternoon nap! 😉

In no particular order, here are my five favourite hikes in North and West Vancouver. If you want more information on the specific trail, including the map, duration, kilometre length, just click on the name of the trail. I’ve linked them all to their trail pages on the Vancouver Trails site. And a shoutout to my brother, who took all these photos below – you can find him over on Instagram at @creechconnor!

Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

This hike has always been one of my absolute favourites! It’s a relatively easy hike, with some good ups and downs, and a beautiful view at the top! Unfortunately now it’s become a huge tourist destination, so definitely don’t go during peak hours. But you can get your hike in early, then spend time by the water, grab a doughnut from Honey’s or brunch at Orso cafe, and relax in the park. If you haven’t explored this little corner of Vancouver, you’ve been missing out!

Best North Vancouver Hikes - Danielle Connor Blog

Dog Mountain, Seymour Mountain

A pretty similar hike to Quarry Rock, but it’s not as touristy which is nice! There’s a beautiful view at the top, and it’s a reasonably hike in terms of length/difficulty. You drive up to the base of Seymour Mountain, and the trailhead starts just a few steps from the parking lot. Although I’ve never done it in the winter, it’s a great snow-shoeing trail as well!

Best North Vancouver Hikes - Danielle Connor Blog

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

I love the water – ocean, lake, waterfall – you name it, I love being by bodies of water! That’s why the Lighthouse Park is so great, it combines both hiking trails and the ocean! The hiking trails are all relatively small loops that cross over one another, but you can walk over to the lighthouse, head down to the water (the dogs can have a swim!), and even watch the sunset! It’s a nice place to bring a picnic and spend some time relaxing. The view from the edge of the park is just gorgeous (see this post’s feature image above), with the vast ocean and the city in the background!

Best North Vancouver Hikes - Danielle Connor Blog

Capilano Canyon, Capilano Highlands

A few minutes before you get to the base of Grouse Mountain, there is a parking lot on your left hand side. From there, you can walk over the Capilano Dam, see the beautiful reservoir, or have a picnic on the picnic tables. On the other side of the dam, there are a few trailheads varying in lengths. We usually turn left, and go along the canyon trail. It’s great for dogs, and although not that long, a good little workout following the trail down and then back up again. I also haven’t seen this trail get too crazy busy, as most people just keep going up to Grouse!

Best North Vancouver Hikes - Danielle Connor Blog

Lynn Loop and Twin Falls, Lynn Valley

I grew up in Lynn Valley, so we spent lots of time here! It used to be such a secluded network of trails, but as it’s a free alternative to the Capilano Suspension bridge, it’s become quite touristy over the years. Regardless, it will always be home for me! You can start at the suspension bridge, and turn left to go to this lovely pool of water – where you can swim in the cold water! Or, turn right and follow the Twin Falls trail to the waterfalls, and come back up the other side of the canyon.

Alternatively, you can keep driving on Lynn Valley Road past the turn-off to the suspension bridge, and you’ll get to Lynn Headwaters Park. You can also walk from the suspension bridge to Lynn Headwaters. There are just a ton of beautiful trails throughout this park and forest, you really can’t go wrong! And the photos from my healthy holidays tips post were taken at Lynn Headwaters after a snowfall – which was just magical!

Best North Vancouver Hikes - Danielle Connor Blog

There you go! Hope you have a few ideas now of where to explore next! 🙂 While these are all relatively easy trails, please be careful! Our Northshore Rescue team works so hard and we don’t want to make their jobs any harder than they already are. Wear the proper hiking shoes, bring water, pack snacks, and be sure to let someone know where you are going. Be alert while you’re hiking and be safe!

And if you’re hungry after your hike, be sure to check out my blog post with my favourite eateries in North Vancouver! The perfect way to refuel after your morning hike!

Time to get hiking, enjoy the fresh air and marvel at this gorgeous city that we live in! And if you have any other Vancouver hikes that you love, share them below in the comments!