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Best Eateries in North Vancouver

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I’ve lived in North Vancouver my whole life, so this is home for me! The first few months of my life were spent in an apartment in Lower Lonsdale, then I moved to Lynn Valley for my childhood and adolescence, and then Guido and I found ourselves back in Lower Lonsdale when we moved in together! And more recently, bought our first apartment just a few blocks away from that first apartment that my parents lived in! So needless to say, I know the different neighbourhoods of North Vancouver pretty well, and with that all the best places to go for a delicious brunch, a healthy lunch, or an afternoon coffee!

I wanted to share a few of my favourite places with you, so the next time you’re in North Vancouver, you’ll be able to grab a yummy treat or meal with a friend! First things first – that carrot cake in the feature image above? The best carrot cake you’ll ever eat. I promise. So keep reading for where to find that gem! 😉

Savary Island Pie Company, Ambleside

I’ve been coming to this bakery for as long as I can remember! My mom used to take my brother and I as kids, and we would order that mouth-watering carrot cake and split it between us! Now I can easily eat a whole slice by myself, especially with that extra thick layer of cream cheese frosting – DELICIOUS! Although really, everything in this bakery is delicious, from their breakfast sandwich, to the pastries, to the loaves of bread! You honestly can’t go wrong when you order, so try one of everything!

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Tommy’s Cafe, Lynn Valley

I grew up in Lynn Valley, so this was a go to breakfast place for me! It’s been around forever and it’s this little place that you wouldn’t expect much from, but it doesn’t disappoint! They have eggs benedicts, breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, french toast, waffles – and the list goes on. Lots of healthy dishes, vegetarian/vegan dishes, or of course the “treat yourself because it’s the weekend” dishes! 😉

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Anchor Eatery, Ambleside

This place was a more recent find for me. I’ve driven by it countless times (it’s right across the street from Savary Island!), but I had never stopped for a bite to eat! A few weeks ago, I finally went for breakfast there with a friend, and it was great! I had the acai bowl and it was healthy, filled with nutrients, and absolutely delicious – the perfect way to start my day!

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Cafe Orso, Deep Cove

Another neighbourhood that I’ve been visiting my whole life – from hiking Quarry Rock, to watching the penguin plunge on New Year’s Day – is Deep Cove! This cafe is fairly new to the scene, but it joins an awesome area filled with great little eateries and stores. The avocado toast here is beyond amazing. It’s a big portion, and comes with this delicious chutney on the slide to slather on your toast! The waffles are also a favourite – think Medina or Chambar waffles, but without the crazy wait! 😉

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Buddha-Full, Lower Lonsdale

Since moving to Lower Lonsdale, this is one of my go to’s! I love walking over to Buddha-Full for one of their smoothies or vegan wraps. There is also a little retail section where you can pick up health foods, or various other products from local vendors and artisans! In the summer, there are tables outside on the patio and you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. It’s another place where everything on the menu is delicious – and also plant-based!

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Freshii, Lower Lonsdale

This healthy “fast food” restaurant opened just the other week, a block away from my apartment, and it has quickly become a staple for a quick and delicious lunch! I love that their meals are filled with fresh, nutrient-dense, and healthy ingredients! They have wraps, bowls, salads, smoothies and a few other menu items. You can also order online, which makes it way to easy to order my lunch, run down and pick it up, and get back to work!

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So there you go! These are a few of my favourite places in North Vancouver to grab a bite, whether you’re in the mood for brunch, lunch, or an afternoon snack! If you’re a Vancouver local, you should definitely check these out! And if you’re reading this from somewhere else in the world, time to book a trip to Vancouver! 😉 Pin your favourite restaurant image and save the blog post for your travels!

There are a few places that have also recently opened up in North Vancouver, but I have yet to try them – Workshop Vegetarian Cafe and Table 153! I’ve heard great things though so they are high up on my list to try next! Hopefully on one of these next sunny and warm spring weekends!

Do you have any other suggestions of restaurants in North Vancouver that I have to try? Let’s hear em! And if you’re not local, what’s your favourite restaurant or cafe in your city? I’ll be sure to jot it down for my future travels! 🙂