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Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

DIY, Lifestyle

I couldn’t even tell you how many evenings and weekends of mine as a kid were spent doing crafts. I owned every single klutz book, and I’m not even exaggerating! 😛 If you’re never heard of Klutz books, go find one – you’ll fall in love just like I did! Endless hours making bead animals, sewing stuffed animals or pillows, painting pots, making candle holders, friendship bracelets, and one of my all-time favourites – tissue paper flowers!

Nowadays, I love filling my apartment with fresh flowers. But sometimes that’s not always possible, or as much as I would love to, it’s not quite realistic to have fresh flowers every week, on every surface or in every room. That might be a little bit of overkill and also out of the budget haha!

A great alternative to fresh or silk flowers are tissue paper flowers! They are such a fun DIY, super easy to make, and look beautiful! I used to put bouquets of tissue paper flowers all around the house when I was younger, and I would even put a few on my straw hats in the summer!

To make these tissue paper flowers, you only need a few basic supplies! It’s the perfect afternoon DIY project, and a perfect use for all the tissue paper you collect from shopping trips. I know I have a whole box of tissue paper from Aritzia, Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew… the list goes on and on!

Feel free to get creative with these flowers! You can use any colour or pattern of tissue paper. Try using different shapes, various types of edges, more or less layers. You honestly can’t go wrong with these, so have some fun! ????

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY


Here are the items that you’ll need to create these beautiful flowers:

  • Flower shape stencils (click here to download!)
  • Scissors (regular and/or patterned)
  • Pencil
  • Green pipe cleaners (from any craft store like Michaels)
  • Tissue paper (any colours you’d like!)
  • Green construction paper

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

How to make your flowers

The steps for making these flowers are pretty straightforward, so once you make a few, the rest are quite quick to make! You can also use different shapes and colours of tissue papers to create your own styles of flowers!

1. Cut out the flower shape stencils. Trace them on your tissue paper, and cut out your circles. I folded the tissue paper over itself so I was cutting 5-10 sheets at a time. I also used patterned scissors, which created a lovely edge around the circles! You can pick these up at any craft store, and they’re fun to use for scrapbooking or other crafts! Once you’ve cut your circles, cut five or six inward slits in your circles – this will add more texture to your flowers.

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

2. Take one of your pipe cleaners, and create a “nub” at the end. Do this by wrapping the small rectangle (included in the stencils) of tissue paper around one end, and rolling it down.

3. Poke and slide three sheets of the extra-small tissue paper circles up the pipe cleaner. Continue adding circles of tissue paper, moving from the smallest to largest circles. I used about 15 or so sheets per flower (about 5 of each different circle size), but play around! You can layer different colours of tissue paper too, so see what you like best!

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

4. Once all the tissue paper layers are on your pipe cleaner, cut the sepal out of your green construction paper. Poke and slide that up the pipe cleaner last, to hold the flower layers in place.

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

5. To make your flower look more realistic, scrunch away! Squish it with your fingers, crinkle the various layers and petals. Keep going until you create some texture in your flower. You want to create volume in the tissue paper layers and bulk up your flower!

Voila – you’re done!

You’ve created a tissue paper flower! Now keep going with the same pattern, or different ones, to create your tissue paper flower bouquet! My little bouquet has nine flowers, but you can make as many as you’d like!

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

I hope you enjoy this DIY project, and have fun adding a few spring bouquets of tissue paper flowers around your home! ???? As always, I’d love to see photos of your flowers! Be sure to tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or shoot me an email with a photo of your creation!