you deserve a brand and website as unique as you are!

I see you: You’re running a successful business (congrats, girl! 👏🏻), and you’re ready to step it up—preferably in cute shoes. Maybe you DIY'ed your first brand and website, or maybe you bought a cheapie template because it’s what you could afford on your $0 budget. Whatever the case, that girl’s long gone. 

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Today, you’re a serious girl boss and serious girl bosses don’t bat an eyelash at investing in their businesses and themselves. If this is you, it’s time to go 100% custom with an original brand and website that embody your brand spirit and set you apart from the crowd.

let's create your million dollar website

You’ve done the DIY thing in the past, so you *know* hiring a pro is a better investment.

You value quality over expediency and want to do it “right” the first time.

You’re ready to let go of the reins, and trust in the professionals you invest in. Attagirl!

You’ve got an obsessive eye for detail and don’t want to compromise on perfection. (Me too.)

You invest in creatives whose styles embody your vision, so it’ll be a match made in heaven.

you're ready for a

pixel-perfect website

So, you’ve got this obsessive eye for detail, but you’re *not* a designer. You’re in good company. And I’m here to tell you: You can have high standards and not be a designer—because I am.

Picture it: You hire a professional you know you can trust. A designer who has designed and perfected brands and websites for women just like you, who will listen to you, collaborate with you, and celebrate with you—probably over virtual champagne 🥂

A brand and website as perfect as your favourite Kate Spade bag

I'm that designer, and I can't wait to work with you!

get to know me

My name is Danielle, and I’m your designer and business bestie with a penchant for all things pink 🎀 And I know what it’s like to want the best for your business, but not know how to do it for yourself. Here’s the thing: You don’t have to know how to do it for yourself. You just have to hire someone who does. That’s where I step in—in my pinkest heels, obviously. I partner with fellow girl bosses to strategize, design and launch the perfect brands and websites for their businesses. 100% original, 100% you.

i love creating gorgeous, strategic websites!

timeline: 12 weeks  |  investment: $7,900

the pixel perfect package

Forget the dumpster fire of DIYing or the Canva “brands” that look more like Microsoft clip art *cringe*. You deserve better than that. You deserve a brand and website as original as you are. You know it, I know it, and I’m here to help you create it inside a comfy 12-week timeline. So, if you’re finally ready to invest in yourself and your business, I’m with you.

A brand as original as you are

timeline: 12 weeks
investment: $7,900

timeline: 12 weeks  |  investment: $7,900

fully-custom brand + website

what's included:

+ complete visual identity: brand spirit, mood board,
fonts, colour palette, 2-3 logo variations
+ fully custom Showit website design
+ up to 10 unique pages (home, about, portfolio, blog, etc.)
+ social media Canva graphic templates

+ complete visual identity: brand spirit, mood board, fonts, colour palette,
2-3 logo variations
+ fully custom Showit website design
+ up to 10 unique pages (home, about, portfolio, blog, etc.)
+ social media Canva graphic templates

#1 - prep all the pretty


#2 - gather your girl gang

#3 - Get all dressed up

We can’t design a site without content—that’s designer speak for copy and photography. If you’re a copywriter or have friends in high places, you can feel free to DIY. But if you don’t? I’ll share the names of my content partners with you to ensure your copy and photography lives up to the standards of the site we’re designing (FYI they’re high!).

All that planning and prep work? It was leading up to this Elle-Woods-in-court-level moment: Designing your site—the virtual business card for your brand. We’ll start from scratch, designing an original Showit website and dressing it with your new branding, colours, typography, copy and photography. No stress: You can keep customizing it yourself after the day is done.

#4 - put a bow on it

After we wrap up your 100% custom Showit website, complete with your picture-perfect new branding, copy and photography, it’s launch-ready. While you pop the champagne and start celebrating, I’ll send you everything you need to know to edit and update your site after we wrap—think Showit website training and social media graphics for sharing the good news!


This is where you do the heavy lifting: You’ll fill out my brand brief and share your Pinterest boards with me to set the creative direction of the brand. When that’s in, I’ll design your brand and map out the site, plus I’ll send you a personalized list of photos we’ll need, so your copywriter and photographer are in the know.

4 Weeks | curate your content

1 Week | create your brand

1 day | launch your site



1 day | project wrap-up

my 4-step process for a
brand + semi-custom website

how it works


Let’s work together, apply today!

you’re finally ready invest in your business because you know it’ll pay off in spades.

Danielle is an absolute design magician! I 100% trusted her to simply do her thing with my new website and never even had to give feedback because her process is so rock solid. She makes sure that she gets you. Her mix of pure talent and organization is incredibly RARE. 

courtney chaal | CEO,

Custom Brand & Website

courtney chaal,
CEo -

I loved working with Danielle! She’s so easy to work with, taking direction and using her creativity while really drawing out a vision that you didn’t know you even had! She works hard to take the burden of a project off your shoulders so you feel supported, she communicates clearly and never misses a deadline. I’d highly recommend hiring Danielle!

erin sousa | PR & Marketing specialist

Custom Brand & Website

erin sousa,
PR & Marketing SPecialist

I would hire Danielle again in a second! She was thoughtful, caring, detail-oriented and creative every step of the way. She helped me feel calm, relaxed and confident throughout the entire branding process. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect look for my brand than what we were able to create together!

meghan currie | vancouver fashion truck

Custom Brand & Marketing Materials

meghan currie,
vancouver fashion truck

Working with Danielle was an absolute pleasure. She is beyond talented and extremely knowledgeable in this area of work. She effortlessly brought my vision of the site and the feeling of my brand to life. She has a way of connecting her client to their audience. Danielle has an eye for beautiful design and detail but never forgetting about the overall user experience. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is ready to take their brand to the next level. 

amy teixeira | photographer & blogger

Custom Brand & Website

amy teixeira,
photographer & blogger

I loved the process of rebranding with Danielle. I fully trusted her advice and input while knowing that she listened to and incorporated my own visions and desires. We recently relaunched my blog and podcast branding and couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks Danielle!

Codi lynn | lifestyle blogger

Custom Brand & Website

codi lynn,
lifestyle blogger



client love

Truth? Custom projects aren’t for everyone. They’re for women (like you!) who are ready to invest in themselves and their businesses. You value quality over expediency. You wear the perfectionism badge with honour (no shame, girl—I get it). You've long outgrown your dollar-store website as you're stepping into your million dollar business. It's time you stop cringing every time you send someone to your website – let's create your million dollar website.

who it's for

Women who are ready to invest in themselves

frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers

YES! Like a good batch of cookies, we’ll start from scratch to design a brand and website as original as you are. Everything from your mood board to colours to fonts to website will be fully-custom - no templates or pre-made anything here! I want to bring your business' unique personality to life through a gorgeous brand and website, so you stand out in your industry and attract those dream clients!

will my brand be custom and unique to my business?

The Pixel Perfect Package has a timeline of 12 weeks. Once we start working together, I’ll send you a more detailed breakdown in your welcome guide with the various phases, milestones, and tasks. I book ahead about 2-3 months, so you’ll want to plan in advance. Fill out an application below and we can chat more about your project timeline and start date!

what's a typical project timeline, start to finish? and how soon can i start?

For the Pixel Perfect Package, your entire brand and website will be custom and built from scratch! While you can purchase one of my Showit templates, here we'll create everything from the ground up so it's completely unique to you and your business! Every element of your website will be designed intentionally based on the research and strategy we do at the beginning of our time together. Each section and design element will come together strategically to create a gorgeous website, stand out from your peers, and convert your dream clients!

do you use any templates?

I work with female entrepreneurs just like you (don’t worry—pink doesn’t have to be your favourite colour!) Think women who are finally ready to invest in their businesses because they know it’ll pay off in spades. They aren’t just looking for pretty; they want a strategy that’ll attract their dream clients. These women don’t take themselves too seriously—they’re like the Elle Woods of their industry!

what kind of clients do you work with?

I will seriously be your business bestie and personal cheerleader! One of my main core values is building and nurturing relationships and community! What’s better than women supporting women? Not only will I be your right-hand gal for all things design and business, I’ll be the best of both worlds when it comes to creativity and reliability. You may know from experience, some designers are ultra-creative, but not super reliable. Not this babe. My left and right brains are balanced – a rare combination in any creative – so you can feel comfy knowing we’ll keep communication clear and prompt and your project on time. Phew!

what sets you apart from other designers?

No way! While I’m a girly-girl through and through, I design brands that speak to your business, connect with your ideal clients, and make you stand out! Looking for samples of what we could create together? Take a look at my Portfolio page to see previous client projects ranging from bold & bright, to neutral & minimalist, to editorial & lifestyle. 

do you only design feminine brands?

Head on over to shop my website templates and get started creating your dream site! Each gorgeous Showit template was professionally designed with you in mind, whether you’re a blogger, creative, or service provider.

I also offer VIP Days, where you get my undivided help and attention for 4 hours – I can help you with any and all of your design and website needs! These VIP Days are $1,000, and you can email me to find out more and book yours!

what if i only need a website, not a full brand?

I design all my client websites with Showit – it is, hands down, the best of the best in online website design platforms. It’s powered by Wordpress, which is the most popular content management system online. With virtually no design limitations, Showit gives you the freedom of a custom design and build – we’ll bring your vision to life with a gorgeous, unique website!

what website platform do you use - what is showit?

While a shop isn’t included in either base package, we can definitely add one to your website! That said, Showit may not be the best fit if you’re building an e-commerce site with dozens of products. But if you’re selling a handful of digital products? Showit will manage them like a boss. Shop sections start at $1,000.

what if i want to add a shop to my website?

You sure can! I offer VIP Days where you get 4 hours with your designer bestie - and we can work on any of your design or website needs! Adding a new page, launching a new service, some minor design tweaks - we can do it all! My VIP Days are $1,000, and you can email me to find out more and book yours!

That said – Showit is such an easy platform to use, and we’ll do a thorough website training at the end of your project, so you’ll feel comfortable updating text and photos and making small tweaks across your site!

can i hire you for updates or more customizations?

Payment is normally divided into 50% up front as an initial deposit and 50% prior to launching your website. That said, I'm happy to do a payment plan divided into four payments of 25%. Let me know and we’ll find something that works for you!

do you offer payment plans?

In The Pixel Perfect Package, I account for 1-2 rounds of edits for both your brand and website. In this fully-custom package, we have a little more wiggle room to play and make those additional edits so you're happy with every last pixel! ;)

We also do a very solid research and strategy phase at the beginning, so we get really clear on who you are, who your audience is, and what you're envisioning from the get-go – which helps us build a strong foundation on which to create your gorgeous brand and website!

how many edits do I get in the pixel perfect package?

There are *very* few instances where clients write their own copy and it's successful - I say that from my heart and with LOTS of experience. I've seen so many clients embark on writing their own copy, only to realize halfway through it's not worth their time, the project's now delayed, and then they hire a professional to do it way better than they ever could have. If you have a copywriting background - by all means write your own copy! Otherwise, I highly highly highly recommend hiring a copywriter for your website from the start – my go-to-gal is Jennifer Turner, she's the best!

what if I want to write my own copy?

For the Pixel Perfect Package, we're following a 12-week timeline, with four weeks dedicated to you gathering your girl gang and curating your content. At the beginning of our time together, I'll walk you through the timeline so that you can plan ahead and book a photographer and copywriter during that 4-week period. That said if your top gals are in high demand, reach out to them ASAP to make sure they have availability and can fit you in :)

My two favourite gals are Jennifer Turner for all your copywriting needs, and Alyssa Dawson for your photography (she's local to Vancouver, BC, but able to travel too)!

when should I hire my photographer and copywriter?

Ready to create your million dollar website?

Me too! Apply for the Pixel-Perfect Package, so we can finally create a brand and website as original as you are.

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fully-custom brand + website  |  12 weeks  |  $7,900

brand + website
12 weeks  |  $7,900

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your design tasks made easy

My VIP day is for you! For four hours and $1,000, we can work on all your creative needs, here are a few examples:
  • Showit website edits
  • Sales page design
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media graphics
  • Customizing your Showit template
Save your time and money and let's cross those design to-do's off your list! 

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let's get your brand + website tasks done in a 4-hour design intensive

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I'm your designer, cheerleader and business bestie, all wrapped into one cute, very pink package!