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Million-Dollar Websites for female founders

As brand and web designers by day (and your unofficial cheerleaders by night), we created the Million-Dollar Website™ for you: A 100% custom brand and web design experience to bring you more ease—and more money.

7 Years in Business
100+ Clients
50+ Websites

If you’re anything like us, you’re an ambitious female CEO who’s ready to scale to multiple six or seven figures—but you know you can’t do it with a dollar-store website.

Million-Dollar Websites   for female founders


Cheerleaders for women in business

It’s no secret we love pink—but make no mistake, there’s grit behind the pink, too. Our founder was once an all-star competitive cheerleader. (If you binge-watched Cheer on Netflix, that was her life, back-handsprings and all.) While she may have traded pom poms for pixels, we’re still cheerleaders at heart—for you and your business, whatever your team colours may be!

Our Approach

Think of it like this: I’m your personal cheerleader, sub pom poms for a MacBook and matcha latte.

elle woods at heart


creative powerhouse

colour-coded notetaker

You could say it all started with a penchant for arts and crafts—but not of the pipe cleaner and glue stick variety. No, I’m talking crafts that made my elementary school teachers question if my parents did my projects for me (no they didn’t, thank you very much).

That creativity quickly went digital: By high school, I was studying desktop publishing and joined the school district’s inaugural Digital Media Academy before completing a four-year graphic design degree at the esteemed Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

After a brief stint at a corporate job, I knew the 9 to 5 wasn’t for me, so I founded Danielle Connor Design in 2017 and have been helping female founders design their brands and websites ever since. Today, we’re a boutique design agency with a small team and big heart.

Hi, I’m Danielle—founder, CEO and pixel-perfect designer

xo Danielle

Behind the Pink

Get to know the girl in pink

number of pink clothes i own?
other languages i speak?
my favourite sweet treat?
early bird or night owl?
favourite place
i've travelled to?
carrot cake
pistachio gelato
paris, france
Paxos, greece
cinque terre, italy
close but try again!
keep going, i have a lot of pink clothes!
you got it! The tally is currently at 60-ish and counting –
haha I don’t mess around when it comes to pink!

you got it! The tally
is currently at
60-ish and counting, haha I don’t mess around when it
comes to pink!

(I still really want a pink moto jacket hehe...)
i have the biggest sweet tooth, and i could live off carrot cake! it's my absolute favourite food!
close... i do love anything chocolate! a good dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies!
not my favourite of all time, but i did eat pistachio gelato every day while we travelled the mediterranean! so delish!
spanish is actually my first language!
(my mom is peruvian and i grew up speaking it)
nope, not even a little bit!
yup! i was in french immersion growing up, but i speak another language too!
i'm a morning person through and through! i love that time of day!
nope, i looove my early bedtimes!
i love Paris, such a beautiful city with the most delicious sweet treats!
trick question I've loved all three! paxos has the most spectacular beaches and pristine sea!
the wine, the fresh seafood, the beautiful coastline... i can't wait to go back!

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Meet Danielle’s sister business (and our favourite way to network), CEO Social Club: A lively community for female founders in Vancouver, BC.

Whether we’re co-working in Vancouver or hosting retreats in Palm Springs, CEO Social Club was made for ambitious female founders to meet-up and skill-up in real life. Because Instagram friends aren’t as good as IRL business besties 💗

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